Berlin's spaces of possibility

Some pictures from my trip to Berlin in july. I was living in the south of Germany back then. We woke up on Sunday talking about how great Berlin is, how much we would love to go there...and suddenly we just decided to go there the next morning! Leaving behind ties and responsibilities, we found a shared car and a little space in the floor of my best friend Jorge to sleep. Next day we were already wandering around Berlin streets. Not for the first time, but it felt kind of a first time, because it was the first time I was going with him.

"Empty spaces in cities contain a latent energy, as undefined territories they are free spaces, full of possibilities. These vacant scenes are places with full potential to be filled in with life, identity and meanings. Berlin was a city that could be better described by vacant rather that filled spaces, a city full of wounds, of no-man's-land where you could capture the real image of the city. After the fall of the Wall, a whole exciting territory was discovered, studded with unrepeatable places, black points, what before were borders now were spaces in which everything seemed possible", as Ángel Martínez expresses it.

These days feel like temporary, transitory. In one week I'm moving to Barcelona, for a year.

Some little things that I enjoyed, lately:
eating fresh tomatoes with bread for breakfast
meeting not-so-close family and feeling instantly at ease with them
walking through the streets of the city that in the near future will become your city
dreaming of projects and thinking you could actually make them true in the future, maybe
late night calls with him. just talking about everything and nothing
swimming in a lake for the first time of my life (and finding it amazing)

Some inspiring things lately:
An amazing and young spanish photographer, Laura Torres Gandía.
This very sweet libanese movie, Caramel (you can watch it all with this link, in arabic with english subtitles. I definitely recommend it).
This song by Hindi Zahra, sung in tamazigh, the language of the bereber people in the Sahara desert, south of Morocco

*pictures taken with my grandfather's Canon AE-1 (ayy it makes greaaat photos, this camera! shame it weighs like more than half a kilo!)

besos :*)

Una buena mañana de domingo, en julio, hablando tras el desayuno de lo que mola Berlín, de la manera más espontánea posible decidimos que a la mañana siguiente deberíamos estar allí. Dejando atrás ataduras y responsabilidades, un fuerte sentimiento de espontaneidad nos hizo buscar un coche compartido y un huequito en el suelo de casa de mi mejor amigo Jorge. Y, al día siguiente, sintiéndonos libres, caminábamos por las calles de Berlín. No era mi primera vez, pero de alguna manera sí lo sentía, era la primera vez con él.

"En las ciudades existen vacíos que por su persistencia alcanzan la calidad de figuras. Existe en ellos una energía latente, como terrenos indefinidos son espacios libres, rebosantes de posibilidades. Estos escenarios vacantes son lugares con potencialidad plena para ser llenados de vida, identidad y significados. Berlín era una ciudad que podía describirse mejor por los espacios  vacíos que por los llenos, una metrópoli llena de heridas, tierras de nadie en las que se hacía posible captar la imagen de la capital. Tras la caída del Muro pudo descubrirse un territorio emocionante cuajado de lugares irrepetibles, puntos negros, antaño rupturas, y entonces espacios en los que todo parecía posible", describe maravillosamente Ángel Martínez.

Estos días son días de temporalidad, de transitoriedad. En una semana me mudo a Barcelona, por un año.


Paris (I)

"Though I often looked for one, I finally had to admit that there could be no cure for Paris". Hemingway.

In june I went to Paris. We took a night train from Munich to Gare de l'Est. I was coming back for the first time in 2 years.

I lived there, long ago. For one year, I had the chance to walk all those streets. To have a "home" there. Now it feels different (so many things have changed) but it was as incredible as always.

Some nice things lately:

- this documentary in process of postproduction: In No Great Hurry, about the life and work of photographer Saul Leiter. I like him very much since I read this quote from him:

 "In order to build a career and to be successful, one has to be determined. One has to be ambitious. I much prefer to drink coffee, listen to music and to paint when I feel like it".

Here you can see some examples of his work:

- this great singer, Lisa Hannigan. I specially like these two songs, Passenger:

and Little Bird:

- This great project: Underground New York Public Library, a wonderful collection of people reading in the metro of new york, photographed by Ourit. 

And that is all at the moment. Wishing you a nice week!!!


global may

Finally I am back!! It's been a long time, I don't know if anyone is still checking this page but I come with new things to express! :).  Two months later, I am posting the pictures I took in Madrid from 12th to 15th may, in the anniversary of the 15M Movement, also known as the Indignados Movement. I promised Mar that I would tell her how all the protests took place in Madrid, so here are some pictures :).
If you are interested, I recently wrote an article for roarmag.org in which I draw a map of the movement one year after its birth.

For me, the 15M changed my life. I was always interested in politics, since little, maybe it is more precise to say I have always been outraged with inequality and how the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest seems to grow larger, instead of decreasing. This was something that has always concerned me, but I was not an activist. Not yet. Till may, 2011, in which an spontaneous movement coming from civil society, uniting youngs and adults (even grandparents! see www.iaioflautas.org), appeared and occupied Puerta del Sol for a month. I went there every single day, and after that wonderful spring, we started coordinating the movement through the neighborhoods assemblies. So the 15M movement made me become an activist, it gave me the opportunity to finally fight for all the ideas I already had in my head. I believe that nowadays it is more important than ever to fight to reduce inequality, because it is one of the tragedies of today's world.

"The truth is that the 15-M movement has marked a turning point in Spain’s social climate: it has opened up a whole new sphere of public debate. It has shown that it is possible to think differently, to feel differently, and to act differently. It has proved that it is possible to set up alternatives to the current system. In more than one hundred neighborhoods of Madrid, every single week, popular assemblies are held, working groups are created, and new initiatives are taking shape. A silent interconnection of minds takes place on a weekly basis all over the city, in the squares and on the internet.  We are witnessing the appearance of a parallel, alternative, underground economy. The 15-M movement has gone beyond protest: it has succeeded in altering the collective imagination and the political atmosphere at its very roots. It has generated a process of re-politicization of society. The agenda of actions has expanded and been radicalized: now we do not only occupy the squares, but we are taking back the public spaces in our own neighborhoods. We stop evictions. We crowd-fund our initiatives. We bring legal actions against bankers. We build our own parallel networks of social support."


scars in your knees

and we live so close that we've probably seen

the same bird, the same time.
you build a collection of scars on your knees
to learn how to count the impossible trees
and that's why
...you're so beautiful now

After a really long time, spring came, and blue skies and white magnolias with it. Time flies... and I wonder: am I gonne be able to remember all the little details, all the beautiful things, day after day, year after year? and when i am 85 years old, will I remember everything?
I don't want to forget.

Some time of less motivation kept me away from here. Hopefully now i'll feel more inspired again. Last week I went to germany to visit him and we went to Luxembourg and I found this beatiful tree with magnolias and it felt so good to look at it. And the ground is always really interesting. My feet travel around and they step on so many different grounds. 

I really recommend this song if you have time in your next breakfast.



faces in a sunny balcony and hemispheres in your hair

After a certain number of years, our faces become our biographies.
Cynthia Ozick

These pictures were taken on a warm and sunny Christmas day (I know, looks like spring!), in the balcony of my grandfather's house in the centre of Madrid. They are my cousins and in one you can see my father.

When I look at them, at my cousins faces, I get moved...I have seen them growing up, since they were little babies...I have the gift of having an incredibly big family and we are all very close. Meetings and meetings every saturday in the house of the "abuelos" (grandparents), playing together, eating chocolate...I get a little sad when I think if I move out of Madrid I'm not gonna see them entering into adult life? I'm gonna miss their first kiss, their first step out of school, their little experiences...I will miss how their faces will start becoming their biographies?... I'll be the older cousin that lives abroad and comes only for Christmas...

Well it's just that today is saturday and I'm supposed to be studying and I'm postponing it and instead I'm getting melancholic and I want to live in Spain and Germany at the same time but that has not been invented yet.

I am back from a wonderful week in Germany. I wish you all a beautiful weekend. Listen to this if you have the time, amazing song!

und für dich:

Laisse-moi respirer longtemps, longtemps, l'odeur de tes cheveux, y plonger tout mon visage, comme un homme altéré dans l'eau d'une source, et les agiter avec ma main comme un mouchoir odorant, pour secouer des souvenirs dans l'air (Let me breathe in for a long, long time the scent of your hair, let me plunge my entire face into it, like a thirsty man into the water of a spring, and let me wave it in my hand like a scented handkerchief, to shake memories into the air)

Si tu pouvais savoir tout ce que je vois! tout ce que je sens! tout ce que j'entends dans tes cheveux! Mon âme voyage sur le parfum comme l'âme des autres hommes sur la musique (If you could only know all that I see!  All that I feel!  All that I hear in your hair!  My soul voyages upon perfume just as the souls of other men voyage upon music)

Tes cheveux contiennent tout un rêve, plein de voilures et de mâtures; ils contiennent de grandes mers dont les moussons me portent vers de charmants climats, où l'espace est plus bleu et plus profond, où l'atmosphère est parfumée par les fruits, par les feuilles et par la peau humaine... (Your hair contains a dream in its entirety, filled with sails and masts; it contains great seas whose monsoons carry me toward charming climes, where space is bluer and deeper, where the atmosphere is perfumed by leaves and by human skin)...

Charles Baudelaire (An hemisphere in your hair)


un año lleno de experiencias...

 in january I worked picking my little cousins from school everyday. they give me always so much love and energy! this is little blanquita
 In february I went to Lisboa with mein Freund...Si, eu quero namorar!!!
 March was all about cafés.
 In april we left the big city for some days and went to the east coast (Dénia...)
 May was the month of the revolution... every day occupying Sol, I never felt so inspired and moved in my life.
 June was Morocco time: trip around the north. Teas and long walks and sunburns.
 July was all about Barcelona, with mein Freund and my little brother.It was as well the time of the goodbyes and changes.
 In august we visited Berlin with my family.
 September was a lonely month... Madrid is always empty without you.
 In october I moved to a new city in a different country and saw the most beautiful autumn colours.
 In november my favourite people came to visit me (brother and sister).
in december I came back home to jamón serrano, chorizo and salchichón. And now I stay here in Madrid for some months...

Happy 2012 to everybody!! Hope it will be a year with a lot of experiences!!